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The hero who made Arkas famous with the public and who brought him universal acknowledgement made his appearance at the beginning of the 1980's. Nevertheless, we read his adventures as if they had been created today. Insecure and unstable, neurotic and fanciful, always ready to fall into sarcastic monologues full of ironic self-criticism and labyrinthine fantasies, the rooster is by no means the symbol of masculinity one might expect, the unrestrained male who imposes himself on the hen-coop.

A born loser in questions of love, he finds his symbolic antagonist in the pig, an excellent portrait of the cynical 'ugly-but-seductive' pragmatist who conquers the hens/women precisely because he has no inhibitions. The dialogues, sometimes venomous and sometimes with an underlying sensitivity, into which the 'rational' worm is introduced as a catalyst, are such excellent examples of male -but also female- psychology that they serve as a rich source of quotations, like pieces from an anthology.

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