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Here Arkás literally takes off, his theme this time being what is usually called the
generation gap. The two protagonists are a small sparrow and his father, who has been deserted by his wife, the child’s mother.
The scene is set in the streets and on the roofs of a dirty, polluted, noisy big city. Like all Arkás’s animal heroes, both father and son are extremely... human. The little one continues the tradition of the “clever bad boy”, a nihilist, always extreme, forever discrediting his father, ridiculing him, mocking him without mercy, he himself representing a generation without hope.
He doesn’t cease to be a child, however ...and is therefore innocent.

His father represents compromise, the acceptance of defeat; he stands for the
pragmatism of the previous generation which is trying to figure out what went wrong.
In this context, sharp-witted Arkás takes us into the skies above the city, on the little one’s journey of initiation.

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