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Castrato, the conservative and
well-mannered castrated tom-cat; Lucretia, the would-be alley cat with her mind fixed on sex; and their old mistress - a colonel’s widow - form the triangle which demonstrates Arkás’s talent for creating characters with depth.

Lucretia is unable to get satisfaction, and Castrato is unable to provide it. Their mistress, virtually living in a world ofher own, symbolizes past-time morality.
With just these three characters as protagonists, Arkás creates a series of short theatrical one-act plays in which the irony of the “satanic“ Lucretia (Borgia) focuses on the fatalistic Castrato, who reacts according to his temperament. Arkás skilfully blends toughness with tenderness, always sustaining an admirable balance between his characters, working on several levels and eliciting sympathy for his anti-heroes.

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